Facilitating Peer to Peer Transactions


You get a Property Based Platform that allows Peer to Peer Projects and Property Transactions with a maximum return given back to Token Holders participating in qualified high return projects.
We will build brand awareness around the promotion of these returns utilising roadshows education and workshops.
Why choose Us?


Real Property Token has been developed to utilize the Blockchain to facilitate Peer to Peer Real Estate Transactions, with the additional benefit of creating immediate revenue streams in the following areas.


Peer to Peer projects with a bias towards low cost housing will be available to participants on the platform. The first projects have already been created and will be available to token holders using their tokens as soon as the Token Sale is complete and our compliance team have completed all legal and regulatory documents.


The goal of Real Property Token is to implement our innovative solutions on a global scale reducing Real Estate transaction fees whilst introducing a wider audience to properties listed on our Platform. Includes any transaction that is normally made using fiat currency such as settlement, listing, advertising, rent, legal, maintenance, management, accounting and all other business services.


We are conducting Roadshows to educate all participants in real estate transactions and will also make available workshops for the general public to share our crypto knowledge whilst at the same time building our brand. Masterclasses will be available for participants who want to learn how to profit with cryptocurrencies.


The Story So Far

It’s been 12 months of hard work since we launched our project and a lot more time and effort getting it to that point. We saw the opportunity that Cryptocurrency presented and had the vision to bring property and crypto together to allow us all to prosper in an environment that usually takes large amounts of equity to break into.

And with that, the birth of Real Property Token. We put it all together and presented it to the world. We undertook our token sale in a hugely strong Bull market and gathered a lot of support. So right the way throughout the latter quarter of last year we offered our project and developed our systems.

We ended our token sale right at the peak of the Bull market when crypto was at its peak. We adjusted our targets and reassessed everything. We were sitting in a comfortable position. We had a grown a strong support base and had attracted some good solid investment. In addition to Cryptocurrency we also acquired some property to work with. The properties were seen as a great asset to us. This allowed us to hit the road running with our projects. We now had ways that would allow us to undertake some projects and return something to our supporters.

A number of things happened directly after finishing our token sale that was critical. The turnaround of the markets hit us hard. We watched and waited and then decided many things along the way. We still had bills to pay. We were committed to the project. We had staff to consider. So as we watched the markets tumble we made decisions to consolidate. But as you are all aware the markets dropped severely which in turn hurt us tremendously.

We have put a lot of our own time and money into this project and the opportunity cost we have lost has been horrific. It has consumed most of our lives for a long time. So we are committed to seeing this project through to a successful development. We have been working hard over the last year making relationships and developing our ideas into projects. We always said this is a long term venture. We still are only in the first year and have a long way to go.

We have had to make huge adjustments and sacrifices. But we have also made huge leaps and bounds towards where we want to be. The market has been slow and while we have had to make these changes we also have the time to reorganise and define exactly where we want to be. We have many systems ready to put into action. And we are about to launch our latest project. Stay tuned for what is coming up, join our telegram channel for a chat, or sign up to emails for updates.


What Now

Property Development and Investment
Education combining Crypto and Property
Bringing Crypto and RPT to a Real World useWe have a myriad of opportunities available to us right now to work through. We want to offer to our supporters the opportunity to invest in one of our projects. We want to develop the Education side of this whole area. Developing new systems and ways of utilising cryptocurrency with property development to maximise returns. This is a whole new concept and we want to be the forerunners in taking it forward. We also want to start to utilise cryptocurrency in property development as the transactional component and thereby removing fiat from the equation. This will all take time. Along the way we will offering oportunities to our supporters to invest and join us in the journey while making positive returns. Following are some of the options we are undertaking and developing with  ideas to take it into the future.

  • Low Cost Housing Development project – Expressions of Interest Sought – High Returns expected. We are looking for people wanting to get involved in low cost housing developments. Details below
  • Prefabricated Homes and Construction – Supply and Build Low Cost homes. For investment, or first home, or even wanting to increase the size of your existing home. Making our homes the first homes that can be purchased and constructed using Cryptocurrency.
  • Education Component – Showing people how to maximise the ROI from there investment portfolio. Targeting those who are wanting to grow there existing property investment. 95% of property investors only have 1 property. We will help change this through education.
  • Peer to Peer Platform – We are still in the early development stages of this. We are looking at partnering up with a number of People and Existing Enterprises. There is a lot of things that need to be put into place first. We are working on this continually.
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Our Strategy and Project Plan
  • ALPHA DEVELOPMENT 2016 – 2017

    Market Analysis
    Transaction Testing
    Formation of Real Property Token
    Token Created


    Token Sale – Completed.

  • PROJECTS 2018

    Peer to Peer Development
    Listing Platform
    First Property Projects

  • EDUCATION 2018

    Property and Crypto
    Investment Analysis

  • PLATFORM 2018

    Peer to Peer Platform Development
    First P2P Project Listing
    Full Token Holder Participation


    Low Cost Housing Development
    Returning Profits to Supporters

  • 2019 & BEYOND

    Peer to Peer Platform Operating and Refined
    Introduced to a Global Audience
    Full Community Participation
    Profitable Projects Undertaken


Real Property Token are at the forefront of change as the world embraces Crypto.

We are facilitating Peer to Peer projects to allow 2 or many people to come together to participate in projects. Using Smart Contracts and RPT, removing the need for lawyers and bankers, you can significantly increase the rewards you can make. We are there to support you and ensure that all transactions are carried out in a safe and secure fashion.

We already have systems in place and projects ready to be undertaken. We are creating Workshops, and Meetups to learn more about RPT and Crypto. Experts in finance, property, legal who all have a passion and knowledge of the crypto environment will offer their wisdom.

We have Masterclasses for those that want to advance their knowledge even deeper. Along with our platforms that will enable all Token Holders the chance to interact and help each other, offer advice, have discussions, make decisions and find opportunities. And a Property Listing App for a global audience.

We are not going to try to compete with the larger listing companies (at the moment), we will just work alongside them. We’ve got our own ideas we believe unique to the market, which is what will set us aside from others, and supply the click through that will give us our growth.

We have developed a plan for success, one that ensures we grow at a steady pace, and then as we grow we have some awesome ideas that as Token Holders you will have the opportunity to benefit from.

You will be our support as we grow. Come along for the ride.

From the Team at RPT.

Our Support Staff
Meet our Professionals
Mike England
Mike England

Building is a common theme in the employment history of this respected NZ businessman. After many years in the construction industry, he turned his focus to studies in law before a career in finance. He’s since channelled that experience into working helping property investors realise their dreams. This remains an area of passion after he played a pivotal role in helping his hometown of Christchurch rebuild after the devastating earthquake of 2011.

Andrew England
Andrew England
Founder and CEO

Our entrepreneurial team captain has been methodically building a skill-base across a range of industries ahead of the launch of this exciting project. His experience includes a range of jobs across the finance and banking industries prior to the creation of start-up entities in the energy and technology industries. Andrew was an early adoptor in the world of cryptocurrency, dating to the earliest days of Bitcoin.


Since our inception, as you know we have had to make various changes. We have also had to make severe staffing changes as we simply could not afford to retain anyone until the market recovers. We have found it to be much more convenient to utilise all of the team on a contractual basis offering advice and assistance as needed. As you know we are extremely passionate about what we are trying to achieve and as the founders of Real Property Token it is us that have the drive that will continue to improve and grow our company. We have also found that within this environment it is such an evolving market that we need to ensure that we look to as many sources of knowledge and expertise that we can. So here is an introduction to our founders, but by no means, the only people playing a part in the success of Real Property Token.


Support partners are extremely important within the Crypto Sphere. Here are a list of those companies that we are teaming up with. We are always on the lookout for any companies that are looking to grow and connect with like minded companies. We are actively seeking partnerships and collaborative ties with any companies within the Real Estate and Crypto environments. Talk to us and see what we can do together.

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